Northridge Hospital Medical Center Seismic Upgrade

Dignity Health has initiated a $68 million project to upgrade existing OSHPD buildings on the Northridge Hospital Medical Center campus.  When upgrades are complete, the structure will meet SPC 2 requirements which allows for continued service to 2030.

The work includes upgrading of structural steel connections, adding external stiffening plates, wrapping columns and bracing of MEP systems.  In addition to structural upgrades, the project includes a new emergency generator and switching equipment, a new service elevator tower utilizing torque down piles, and the addition of fire sprinklers in previously non covered areas.   As the structural work is completed and finishes are replaced, surrounding areas are updated. 

Since the upgrades are taking place in a building that must remain operational 24/7, the opportunity to perform field investigations prior to construction was limited.  The Owner implemented a design-build agreement which allowed a single source to be responsible for performing field investigations and making required modifications to the approved design, and then implementing those modifications in the field.

The project requires a high level of coordination with the OSHPD Field Staff.  Since existing concealed conditions could not be fully documented in advance, the design-build contractor must first isolate areas scheduled for construction.  Once containments are complete, the walls and ceilings can be opened and field investigations including testing for asbestos can be performed.   When field investigations are complete, engineers then customize typical details to incorporate information learned from the field investigations.   The final construction details for each location of work are presented to OSHPD for approval.  This project delivery plan requires a strong working relationship with OSHPD since large parts of the project are continually being modified to suit previously concealed conditions.  Timely OSHPD approval of final designs is critical to keeping the project on schedule. 

The 30 month construction schedule includes 32 phases.
Northridge Hospital Medical Center
18300 Roscoe Blvd
Northridge, CA 91328