Intelisyn understands the necessity to properly close out the construction project. All documentation including final billing, retention releases, unconditional lien releases, completed punch list, completed as-built drawings and transfer of operation and maintenance manuals is verified. Copies of all submittals, shop drawings, product data and samples are transferred to the owner at project completion.


Equipment Start-up and Testing

Intelisyn assists the owner in scheduling the review and turnover of all systems. Witnessing of equipment start up and testing will be coordinated with plant operations personnel along with training.  

Operation and Maintenance Information

Intelisyn will ensure a comprehensive turnover of all operation and maintenance manuals, guarantees, warranties, certificates and instructions prior to the owner taking beneficial occupancy of the system.  

As-Built Documents

Intelisyn will ensure the turnover of all as-built documents to the architect and monitors the transfer of the contractor’s mark-ups into the CAD drawings. Intelisyn will confirm that all bulletins and R.F.I.’s are included.  

City/State Agency Approvals

Intelisyn will monitor and assist the Owner in securing all appropriate state agency approvals within the established construction schedule.  

Final Accounting and Application for Payment

Intelisyn will ensure that all punch list items are complete including the obtaining of certificate of occupancy prior to processing the final certificate of payment.