Kaiser Fontana Central Plant

The Fontana Boiler Replacement Project involved the replacement of the existing boiler plant at Kaiser Permanente's Fontana Medical Center, part of the Inland Empire Member Service Area.  Four new Johnston Boilers with industrial steam deaerators were installed in the facility. The boilers were thoroughly tested and certified in the manufacturer’s facility prior to shipment to insure that they would be ready to go online to serve the Medical Center immediately after installation. 

The installation was completed in two phases without interruptions to the operation of the Medical Center.  This $6 million project included the installation of temporary boilers and control systems, all under OSHPD jurisdiction. 

The Project Team, including Intelisyn, was recognized for the Superior Performance, Partnering and Teamwork required to closely coordinate the replacement of major pieces of central plant equipment while maintaining hospital operations.

Kaiser Permanente
9961 Sierra Ave,
Fontana, CA 92335