The Intelisyn management process emphasizes the importance of the project pre-construction phase. Proper planning and execution of pre-construction tasks will minimize the potential for unexpected costs and schedule delays during construction. During pre-construction, Intelisyn will establish the proper foundation for project. At the inception of the project, schedule and budget goals will be established and the responsibilities of each team member will be clearly defined. Systems and procedures to ensure maximum reimbursement (such as FEMA and/or insurance companies) will be implemented if applicable. As the design concept progresses, the building configuration is closely monitored. All elements of the design are scrutinized with particular attention given to those elements that exceed the size or quality anticipated in the budget. Scope, Schedule and Budget assumptions are tested after each phase of the design.

During the pre-construction phase contracting strategies will be developed and general contractor prequalification will take place. Orders may be placed for long lead equipment and/or materials during this phase.


Specific tasks during pre-construction include:


Master Project Schedule

Intelisyn will develop detailed CPM schedules (Primavera Project Planner and/or Microsoft Project) for each project. The schedule includes logically sequenced construction activities, all milestones for the completion of design, the jurisdictional approval process and close-out requirements. The master schedule may include activities for owner contracted vendors. The critical path allows fast track options to be developed and the identification of long lead items. Early detection of critical items and implementation of effective control systems will mitigate schedule impacts. The schedule clearly identifies the team members responsible for each task and is updated regularly. All updates are sent to each team member in a format that clearly communicates their action items and the required completion date.  

Project Budget

Intelisyn has developed a detailed project budget format that includes the entire project cost, not only the construction cost. This is significant since the construction cost is usually less than seventy percent of the project cost. In addition to budgeting and tracking the construction cost, Intelisyn typically budgets and tracks the costs/fees for site acquisition, consultants, agencies, test and inspections, furniture and equipment, and the costs of telephone/data processing equipment. Intelisyn budgets and tracks the entire project cost.  

Cash Flow Model

The master project schedule is cost loaded which allows the projects cash flow to be predicted with accuracy. By cost loading the schedule, Intelisyn is able to generate numerous "what if" scenarios and to evaluate their impact on cash flow as well as the project completion date.  

Phasing Plans

Intelisyn works closely with each member of the project team, including operations personnel, to define phasing requirements, move-ins, move-outs, shift work, utility shutdowns, etc.  

Critical Path Activities and Consultant Action Items

Intelisyn will assist in establishing a "responsibility matrix" of design consultant/project team roles, along with the integration of milestone activities into the master schedule. Each team member must adhere to established schedule milestones and defined responsibilities to ensure the successful completion of the project.  

Monitor/Assist in Identifying All Utility and Jurisdictional Agency Requirements

Intelisyn has successfully interfaced with SCAQMD, FAA, EPA, WRB, DOT, OSHA, OSHPD, City Building Departments, SHPO and OES/FEMA. The approval process for each of the applicable entities listed above will be integrated into the master schedule.  

Review and Evaluation of Value Engineering Suggestions

Intelisyn has effectively coordinated major value engineering efforts on several large facilities. With a strong background in cost management and constructability analysis, Intelisyn is able to actively participate in the value engineering process as opposed to merely reviewing and acknowledging cost savings suggestions. On-going budget evaluation and establishment of alternatives for further examination throughout the project ensures the most value for the owner.  

Constructability Reviews

Intelisyn utilitizes a comprehensive drawing review checklist. This detailed and methodical review of the bid documents minimizes questions at bid time along with R.F.I.'s and change orders in construction.  

Construction Cost Estimates

Over the past 25 years Intelisyn has successfully managed the design and construction of over $3.5 billion in health care, senior living and advanced technology projects. This portfolio of completed projects has allowed us to establish an extensive cost database that is utilized in the development of construction cost estimates. For projects where Intelisyn is not providing the construction estimate, we will actively review estimates provided by the cost consultant and/or the general contractor. Outside estimates are reviewed for, but not limited to, scope, representative unit costs, escalation, realistic general conditions, fee and contingency.  

Monthly Status Reports

Each month Intelisyn will provide a project status report that summarizes the progress of work in a narrative and photographic format in terms of budget and schedule. This information can be posted on the Intelisyn’s website,, any FTP required by the owner where it can be viewed using a single software application that is provided at no cost. For security, the document and site access is password protected.  

Pre-construction Phase Meetings

Intelisyn actively participates in all pre-construction meetings and will record and distribute meeting minutes. The minutes format will document issues, decisions, action items for both individuals and firms, and a required completion date. Since the team often meets infrequently during the pre-construction phase, action items are also tracked on a separate list. The list of action items is updated and issued to all team members weekly. For projects where face to face meetings are impractical due to the locations of the team members, Intelisyn has full internet teleconferencing capabilities including WebEx.