Intelisyn stresses the value of appropriate contract structure, general conditions and fee negotiation including detailed subcontractor bid review. Establishing the framework for the GMP/Fixed Price contract and properly structuring the general conditions allows the owner to realize significant savings immediately and to benefit from additional minimized costs as the project progresses.

Detailed review of bid tabulation worksheets including identification of allowances, set asides and line item contingencies for all subcontractors is essential. Defining the general conditions costs and locking in subcontractor labor rates for change order work are additional controls utilized by Intelisyn to ensure more predictable costs during construction.

The foundation for proper team communication and document flow during construction is established at this stage via the "Construction Administration Protocol".

Specific tasks during contract bid/negotiations may include the items listed below. The list includes tasks for both GMP and Fixed Price contracts.


Contract Review

Intelisyn will review proposed contract verbiage/requirements and provide recommendations. As a result of this review, Intelisyn has developed major portions of GMP/Fixed Price contract for the client.  

Request for Proposal (RFP) Process

Intelisyn will develop a project specific RFP for the general contractor that will ensure that the bids are submitted in a format that allows comparison and evaluation. Any bid alternates will be broken out. The RFP can include all unique owner requirements such as union labor, prevailing wage, MWBE participation, working hours, site/facility logistics, operational restrictions, etc. The analysis of the bid results will be presented to the owner with Intelisyn’s recommendation.  

General Conditions in Review

Intelisyn has developed a historical database of general conditions costs and staffing requirements for various size projects which enables Intelisyn to negotiate general conditions costs to reasonable amounts. The detailed review will include industry norms/comparison and options for cost savings. There are several ways for the owner to reduce the general conditions costs on the project. For example, if a project is longer than a year, savings can be realized by furnishing the contractor with office equipment that will be returned to the owner at the end of the project. This means that the contractor will not have to incur rental costs each month and, at the end of project, the owner will have additional office equipment that was paid for by the construction project.  

Fee Negotiations

Intelisyn has consistently negotiated the general contractor's fee to a percentage that is commensurate with the project scope and current market conditions.  

Subcontractor Bid List and Prequalification’s

The general contractors bid list is compared to a database of pre-qualified subcontractors. In addition to assuring that the subcontractors on the list are financially stable and have acceptable levels of workmanship, the list also allows Intelisyn to confirm that subcontractors who have provided the lowest bids on similar projects are included on the bid list for the project. There is an opportunity for significant savings by making certain that the subcontractors who typically provide the best pricing are included on the bid list. The database will also note the subcontractors with MWBE status, geographic strength, disabled or veteran designations.  

Subcontractor Bid Evaluation

The general contractor's bid tabulation worksheets are reviewed for completeness, unit pricing, exceptions, qualifications, acknowledgement of addenda, labor rates for change order work and any other special conditions.  

Construction Contract

Intelisyn will provide the construction contract as either a final draft or the final document as determined by the owner’s procedures. Intelisyn will assist with the completion of any internal documents that must be provided as part of the contract approval process. Intelisyn has experience in preparing board motions for contractor approval on public/private/non-profit projects.  

Project Specific Construction Administration Protocol

During the construction process there are thousands of documents generated. The list of different kinds of documents includes requests for information, submittals, instruction bulletins, change order requests, change orders, allowance allocation requests, applications for payment, meeting minutes, inspection reports, schedule updates, warranties, operation and maintenance manuals, punch lists, etc. To ensure a successful project, each document must contain certain necessary information, and must be routed to the proper individuals who will take the required actions. After the required actions are taken, the documents must then be properly routed back to the originator with copies to other applicable parties. The requirements for processing each of the documents listed above are different. Intelisyn will develop a project specific Construction Administration Protocol that describes the procedures for processing each of the documents listed above. This protocol is incorporated into the contract.