During the construction phase Intelisyn monitors the project’s scope, schedule, and budget. The flow of project documentation is managed in accordance with the Construction Administration Protocol. Intelisyn will review and advise the owner on extra cost issues, pay applications, and that the delivery/installation of OFOI and OFCI equipment is coordinated. Reports from the Inspector of Record, Deputy Inspector and field observation reports from the consultants are reviewed and the correction of any deficiency is tracked. Project status reports will be provided to the owner monthly using the format established during the pre-construction phase.

Specific tasks during the construction phase include:


Preconstruction Job Walk

Intelisyn actively participates in the pre-construction job walk to identify existing conditions, lay down, staging and storage areas, crane location, routes of ingress and egress, vehicular flow, equipment/material delivery locations, contractor parking areas, site safety and security measures, pedestrian protection etc.  

Project Budget Accounting

The project budget is updated as actual costs are known and commitments are made. The allocation and disbursement of contingencies and allowances is tracked. A summary budget report is included in the monthly status report.  

Master Schedule Maintenance

The master schedule is updated to reflect actual progress and any potential changes in logic.  

Coordination of Owner Provided Equipment and Labor

Intelisyn will interface with owner contracted vendors including security, radiology, communication systems, fire alarm and any other OFOI or OFCI equipment. Delivery and installation will be shown on the master schedule. Intelisyn will direct pre-installation meetings and confirm that the general contractor has made all contractually required provisions for the installation of equipment.  

Construction Meetings

Intelisyn directs all construction meetings and will participate as required in any special meetings to review outstanding issues or to address specific concerns. Intelisyn will prepare meeting minutes in a format that appropriate documents issues and decisions made. The minutes will state what actions are required, which organization is responsible for the specific action item, and identify a required completion date. The minutes are issued via E-mail or web based posting within two business days to remind all team members of their commitments.  

Evaluation and Negotiation of Change Orders

All change order requests from the general contractor are thoroughly scrutinized. The change order request is first reviewed for entitlement and then for cost. Labor rates are compared to Intelisyn’s database of local union, and non-union prevailing wage rates. Material costs and production rates are verified against our database and industry standards. Material quantities are verified. Change order requests are also compared to the Architect/Engineers estimate. Discrepancies are investigated and reconciled. This review and verification process insures that the owner is paying a reasonable price for the work in the change order.  

Payment Applications

Within the review and enforcement of contractual procedures and agreements relative to payment applications, Intelisyn ensures that the General Contractor submits documented back up for all monthly general conditions costs. A comprehensive review of all billed costs including verifying the subcontractor progress payment vs. work in place is thoroughly scrutinized. Intelisyn also establishes milestone job site visits for critical pay periods from the mechanical, electrical and plumbing design consultants to further validate the progress payment. Intelisyn will inspect all materials stored offsite that are included in the pay request. Each subcontractor is required to submit a conditional release for the current month and an unconditional release for the prior month. This process insures that the owner only pays for work completed and is protected against unnecessary liens.  

Enforcing General Conditions of Contract

Intelisyn will have an in depth knowledge of the general conditions to ensure that the owner's interest will be protected and will provide recommendations on all contractual issues.  

Requests for Information (RFI) Process

The status of RFI’s will be reviewed at each meeting to ensure timely responses. Responses will be reviewed to make sure that they do not add cost where additional cost is avoidable.  

Submittal Process

The status of submittals will be reviewed at each meeting. Intelisyn ensures that critical path submittals are submitted by the contractor in a timely manner and that the architect responds within the established turnaround time. The owner's copy of all submittals including shop drawings, product data and samples are maintained at the job site, sorted, categorized and turned over to the owner at project completion.  

Construction CPM Schedule

The initial construction schedule provided by the general contractor and the monthly updates are reviewed for reasonableness and contract adherence. Intelisyn confirms that all project components are shown and that there is a reasonable amount of float time. This minimizes requests for time extensions and the resulting added costs.  

Test and Inspection Services

Intelisyn works closely with governing agencies, the engineer and the owner to identify the requirements for deputy inspection. The requirements will be incorporated into an R.F.P. for deputy inspection services. In addition to coordinating test and inspection services, Intelisyn can perform quality surveillance as necessary.  

On/Off-Site Testing

Intelisyn will observe and represent the owner for all on and off site testing such as curtain wall or exterior skin stress testing, testing of pumps, centrifuges or other equipment. Intelisyn maintains a complete file of all tests and inspection reports throughout the project duration.  

As-Built Drawing Up-Dates

Intelisyn will ensure that all as-built drawings are updated monthly prior to disbursement of the progress billing.  

Systems Turnover and Phasing

Intelisyn can develop individual work plans for phased completion and turn-over of subsystems. This is done in close coordination with the engineer.