UC San Diego Hillcrest || Project Status


March 28th, 2023 – UC San Diego Hillcrest Outpatient Pavilion and Parking Garage project is progressing well, despite the challenges presented with this unprecedented rainy season. The team is continuing with the parking structure, producing about a quarter of a parking deck every 10 days, 1 level at a time. The Outpatient Pavilion structure foundations are set and interior walls are being built, and structural steel installation begins April 2023, marking a huge milestone for the project. This is just the beginning at Hillcrest, Intelisyn has provided logistics, cost analysis, and construction management services as UC San Diego propels into their Hillcrest Campus development.

Malibu Fire Donation

malibu2  malibu

November 9th 2018 – Dive N’ Surf’s infamous “Disappearance” shuttled multiple boat loads of water, food, and aide supplies to Malibu as road access was closed due to the Woolsey fire . Intelisyn, through our Executive Director, Karen Garcia, and her husband Ray Garcia donated cases of water to assist Dive N’ Surf’s efforts and help those effected by the fires locally here in Southern California. We grieve and pray for the loved ones lost and homes destroyed by this horrific event, as well as the fires that took place in Northern California.

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